The development proposal is to construct three, six story buildings on the surface parking lots between the existing apartment towers. This configuration locates units closest to Pentagon City and Metro, leaving undeveloped the southern parking lot adjacent to the duplexes and single family houses to the south. 

A primary goal is to create a walkable environment that compliments Pentagon Row commonly referred to as “human scale”. Human scale development is a term used to define walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods with a variety of height to create an interesting place for pedestrians. The property’s location on a steep slope inspired the earthy tones and façade articulation popular in hillside towns like Santorini, Cinque Terre and even Harper’s Ferry. The addition of these mid-rise buildings will ground the overall RiverHouse development to the pedestrian

Two development options were submitted. One is for 933 residential units and 29,900 SF of retail. The second option is for 966 residential units and does not include retail.

Development Option 1: 933 residential units and 29,900 SF of retail

Development Option 2: 966 residential units and no retail

A significant amount of unused parking between the RiverHouse towers will be the primary location for the proposed development. The proposal seeks to reduce excess parking spaces to what is utilized, which is less than 80% of existing.