In Pentagon City density decreases from east, at its peak along the Route 1 border with Crystal City, to west, towards I-395. The RiverHouse development proposes 72 units per acre, which is provided by Arlington County’s General Land Use Plan (GLUP). The current zoning designation is 48 units per acre and requires a rezoning match the GLUP allowed density.  72 units per acre is less than Pentagon Row to the east and the same as The Representative to the west. 72 units per acre is also very common to other properties in Arlington located within a half mile of Metro.

The image below shows the progression of decreased density from east to west in Pentagon City. The units per acre depicted in this image are based on current zoning with the exception of RiverHouse, which is using the current GLUP designation. Some of the density labels in this image required calculation to translate Floor Area Requirement (FAR) into units/acre.

RiverHouse is currently designated "Medium Residential" under the GLUP and requires an amendment to allow 29,900 SF of retail as proposed in Option 1.